May 30, 2022

Tenants Or Landlords—Who Should Do The Cleaning?

One of the most commonly asked questions about landlords is whether they clean in between tenants. Well, even landlords themselves are asking that question, mostly because they’re wondering if they should do it or not. Of course, the question may seem to be more on the ethical side of things over a legal one, but regardless, answering the question is important to ensure both parties have the right expectations.

So, who is responsible for cleaning in between tenants? Let’s talk about that:

Tenants Or Landlords—Who Should Do The Cleaning?

In most cases, the previous tenant should do their part in cleaning before they leave. Generally, they should leave it in good condition. However, at the end of the day, it is up to the landlord to keep the rental clean, especially between tenants.

Why is this the case? Well, apart from creating first impressions, it isn’t the responsibility of the new tenant to clean the place before moving in. But of course, if you’re a landlord, then it is your responsibility to make this clear to your tenants before they move in. Set up an agreement on the cleaning expectations, but make sure not to go overboard.

How To Keep Your Rental Clean?

With all of that said, as a landlord, how should you keep your rental clean between tenants? There are two ways you can go about it:

1. Clean It Yourself

Generally, the best advice is for you to clean it yourself. This way, you know for sure that it is done right. But, if you’re not the right person for the job, then you can hire someone.

You can hire a professional cleaning company to do the task. This is the easiest and fastest option, but the cost may be the biggest drawback. So, if the budget is an issue, then you should consider doing the cleaning yourself. Just make sure to invest in the right pieces of equipment and cleaning solutions to clean your rental thoroughly. Also, don’t forget to clean harder-to-reach things like ceiling fans and the like, as tenants will more than likely look at these places to understand just how clean the place is.

2. Use A Cleaning Service

A cleaning service is another solution to the problem. If you can’t do the cleaning yourself, then you can hire a cleaning service. Professionals are thoroughly trained for the job, and they have all the equipment they need along with the experience to clean properties. This ensures that the job is done right and properly without your intervention.

Compared to cleaning the property yourself, this is perhaps the best way to clean your rental. Just be aware of the services that the company offers and the cost that comes with it.


As you can see, both landlords and tenants have a role to play in cleaning the rental between tenants. However, it is the landlord who is responsible for the most part, if not all. But, that doesn’t mean that tenants should leave a place in a messy state. Rather, they should clean it as much as they can before moving out.

With that in mind, when your old tenant finally moves out, be sure to go through the rental and make sure everything is clean and tidy. If it isn’t, either get to work to clean the place or hire a professional to do it for you!

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