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With more offices reopening up after the work-from-home phase during the pandemic, the concern of safety and health security has been rampant among people. Due to this, maintaining hygiene in commercial spaces such as hotels, offices, and leisure centers has become a huge priority for many. Studies suggest that at least half of the small businesses in the US are planning to increase their cleaning and disinfecting efforts in 2022.

It is then important for all of us to understand what exactly commercial cleaning is. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading this page to find out more about this.

What is Commercial Cleaning?
Commercial cleaning is when professionals undertake the cleaning for an organization. Any sort of non-domestic cleaning work qualifies as commercial cleaning. Commercial and industrial properties require extra cleaning work as compared to residential areas, which is why expertise is essential in handling hygiene. It is also important to sanitize and clean these areas regularly as they affect a large number of people and often deal with hazardous waste.
What Kind of Properties are Cleaned Under This?
Here are some of the commercial properties that commercial cleaners handle:
  • 1. Offices A clean office is essential to maintain the well-being of the employees and subsequently increase productivity.
  • 2. Hotels Rooms and lobbies need to constantly be kept clean as many people keep coming and going through hotels.
  • 3. Educational Institutions To maintain the health of students and teachers, cleaning schools and their premises is crucial.
  • 4. Government Facilities These places consist of a lot of important paperwork that can go missing if not organized properly.
  • 5. Medical Facilities Equipment and rooms here need to be constantly cleaned and sanitized as they are exposed to numerous germs. If hygiene is not maintained here, lots of people would fall sick and we don’t want that.
  • 6. Factories These are industrial areas exposed to immense amounts of dust and chemicals, which if not cleaned properly, may have adverse consequences.
Other major properties that fall under commercial cleaning include restaurants, function halls, shopping malls, sports stadiums, and high-rises. Different types of properties require different approaches to cleaning, and commercial cleaners cater to these specific needs.
Why do you need Professional Commercial Cleaners?

Commercial cleaners adopt several measures to ensure thorough cleaning which non-professionals generally do not have access to. Here are some of them:

  1. Hazmat– Hazardous Materials
    Commercial cleaners are always exposed to hazardous materials. This can be industrial waste or a used needle at a medical facility or even nuclear waste from factories. To avoid fatal consequences from your constant exposure to these, it is essential to wear hazmat suits while cleaning these areas. This helps make sure that all hazardous wastes are disposed of properly and ensures everyone’s safety.
  2. Cleaning Equipment
    Commercial cleaners use extra-strength solutions in order to ensure extra-strong cleaning. At home, our cleaning equipment is limited to a vacuum cleaner. This could perhaps be the biggest cleaning equipment we use. For commercial cleaning, there is extensive machinery being put to use, including floor scrubbers, carpet extractors, steam cleaning systems, and many more similar industry-specific tools and equipment.
  3. Hygiene Standards
    Commercial properties like hotels, hospitals, and factories have to follow specific safety and hygiene regulations. Therefore it is essential to hire commercial cleaners who are well-aware of these hygiene standards for cleaning these areas to ensure the safety of the people interacting with these surroundings.

Maintaining good hygiene in commercial spaces is crucial to ensure everyone’s safety. Rather than taking it upon yourselves, it’s always best to get a commercial cleaner like Maidattendants to do the job perfectly for you. Call our friendly team today to discuss your workplace.

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