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At Maidattendants, we know just how important it is to keep your surroundings clean, especially your office space. Cleanliness is a value that we’re all taught right from childhood, yet as we foray into adulthood, we often forget about it. And this not just includes keeping things clean, a large chunk of our attention must go towards the proper organization of our office space. This is where commercial cleaning to maintain a clean office comes in. Keep reading to find out more.
Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning in simple terms can be described as professionally cleaning commercial and industrial properties. This is when a company or an organization hires professional cleaners to clean their premises. For areas like an office workspace, it is always better to resort to commercial cleaning practices as opposed to a residential cleaning setup. Commercial cleaning requires a further large-scale approach towards cleaning, as offices are huge and require extra cleaning assistance.

As we mentioned above, commercial cleaning involves professionals who are experts at cleaning for a particular industry or type of premises, and may be highly qualified in different cleaning standards and methods. This could include specific tasks like air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor mat cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. These professionals will know what suits your needs and how to make office cleaning an efficient and hassle-free process for all stakeholders.

Why Do You Need a Clean Office?
More and more people are discussing the need to keep your workspace clean. Especially since many offices are opening up after the work-from-home phase, office hygiene is a crucial factor to take care of. A clean office is necessary not just for the sake of the employees but also for the various people coming in and going out from there. Here are some of the reasons why it is essential to maintain a hygienic office:
  1. Impress Your Clients The overall appearance of your office can make a huge difference in how your potential clients view your business. This plays a crucial role in determining whether your partners and customers decide to continue their relationship with your company or not. One of the primary markers of a clean office is an odorless space. A place that smells good tends to attract more people to it. Bad scents can instead attract insects, which is a big no-no.
  2. Keeping You and Your Staff Healthy We’ve often seen mold building up on the crevices of offices due to humidity. Exposure to this is bad for your health, which is why consistent disinfecting and cleaning of your office is necessary for you and your staff. The people who spend the most time in an office should not be exposed to bacteria and other harmful pests. Regularly disinfecting your office will help you maintain good air quality and prevent cockroaches and termite infestations. With fewer sick employees, you can easily increase the productivity of your office, all because you put your focus on keeping your office environment clean.
  3. Reducing Stress Levels Working in a clean, organized environment can tremendously reduce work-related stress. An unclean office can make your surroundings seem very haphazard, which causes confusion and anxiety. Files and other important paperwork may get lost in the piles of mess, and all the clutter will lead to your employees getting distracted from their work. Eventually, they may lose morale, which can adversely affect your business.
How To Keep Your Office Clean

There are two things that you need to do to keep your office space clean:

  1. Maintain cleanliness on your own every day.
    This involves doing everyday things like throwing garbage in the dustbin instead of it lying around your desk, cleaning your table after eating, sorting your paperwork regularly etc. Making a habit of these activities will help a long way in maintaining office hygiene.
  2. Having commercial cleaners do the job.
    While cleaning by yourself can bring good results, there are a lot of areas for which you need professional expertise. This is where commercial cleaners like Maidattendants come in, because we focus on cleaning every part of your office and eliminating clutter at places you can’t even see.
What Comes Under Office Cleaning?

Here are some of the things that commercial cleaning companies will look into as far as office cleaning is concerned:

  1. Dusting
    This involves dusting your desks, wiping areas like power strips behind your desk, fan blades, window sills, keyboards, the top of your monitor, and even picture frames. Organizing your desks and removing unnecessary junk also comes under this.
  2. Vacuuming
    Thoroughly vacuum every part of your office using the different attachments on the vacuum cleaner to keep every surface of your office clean. All the blinds, drapes, carpets, crevices, and window sills must be clean.
  3. Disinfecting
    Especially after dealing with a pandemic, we would all be wary of viruses and bacteria. It is essential to regularly disinfect every corner of your office, including the reception area, washrooms, conference tables, break rooms, kitchen tables, phones, mouses, keyboards, headsets, and other spaces. Ensure that your cleaner does not miss out on the high touch-point areas like keys, doorknobs and light switches.
  4. Scheduling
    A holistic cleaning of your office requires more than a day’s work. Along with cleaning, a commercial cleaner would also help you create schedules for deep cleaning your office. This also helps you keep track of how regularly your office is cleaned.
Having a clean office is essential not just for you but also for your staff and clients,. Maintaining office hygiene will automatically reflect your core values and the values that your brand or business has adopted. For example, a clean office relates you to the value of discipline and gives the impression that you give due importance to the well-being of every stakeholder involved.

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