Move Out Cleaning

Found the perfect property to move into? Don’t want to spend hours cleaning your old property? Nervous about the number of hours it will take to clean your home and get your security deposit back? Fear not, the Maid Attendants team, provide a comprehensive move out, vacate cleaning service, meaning you can sit back and relax in your new place, while we take care of the work!

What’s Maidattendants Move Out Cleaning

As the name suggests, move out cleaning, also called vacate or end of lease cleaning, take place at the ends of your lease once you have moved all of your furniture out. Essentially move out cleaning it is the deep cleaning and sanitisation of the leased property which the tenant has the responsibility to do before the property can be re-leased by another person. Whilst it may seem like a tedious thing to do, nobody wants to move into an unclean home, so hiring a professional move out cleaner, such as Maid Attendants, will ensure this process is smooth and easy.
The team at Maid Attendance use a comprehensive checklist to ensure that the move out clean in completed thoroughly, with not one area of the house overlooked. Our process includes cleaning the following areas;

  • Cleaning of the entire property from top to bottom, back to front and left to right.
  • Kitchen benchtops and cupboards, oven cleaning including the cooktop and glass, rangehoods, vents, sinks and dishwashers;
  • All bedrooms, including walk in robes
  • Bathrooms and ensuite, toilets, showers including removal of all soap scum from glass,
  • Patios
  • Internal and external windows
  • Any fans, light fittings, and vents.

Why is move out cleaning important?

Moving house is often described as being quite a stressful process, with many moving parts, only one of which is cleaning. The importance of move out cleaning is centred around your security deposit. An unclean home presented to a landlord or property manager could result in the loss of some or all of your security deposit. So, for this reason alone it is best left to a professional, who will get it right, and nice and clean, the first time.

Why choose Maid Attendants?

Choosing Maid Attendants for your next move out clean, is a great decision, and once which will see a smooth, efficient end of lease process. Our highly experience, certified and dedicated team of cleaners will take care of your cleaning needs until you get your security bond back without any conflict or dispute.
Our Nashville based team have also taken care of the move out cleans for years, assisting a number of residents and in the process established sound relationships with local real estate agents and property managers, who are familiar with our meticulous detail-oriented processes, exceptional standards, and professional approach to our cleans.
Additionally, all of our cleaners are certified cleaning professionals, with an eye for detail and who all have full background checks undertaken by us, as well as considerable experience within the cleaning industry. Our cleaners know their stuff!
As a locally based team, we offer unrivalled flexibility in our service delivery, and we are easily able to work around your schedule adhering to often tight deadlines required in order to complete a vacate clean on the property before you hand your keys back.
With quality results, and many happy customers in Nashville, the Maid Attendants team can provide a quality service at an affordable price. Contact Us for a free quote today!

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