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The COVID-19 pandemic has taught everyone that hygiene is of utmost importance when it comes to our health. And this applies not just to our homes but also to commercial spaces like our workplaces and offices. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that a sanitary environment is available for your employees and customers. To make sure that all kinds of germs and microbes are removed from all surfaces, we have to disinfect and clean them. This is why most commercial cleaners like Maidattendants offer Disinfection Services and cleaning services. To find out more about disinfection services, keep reading!
What are Disinfection Services?
These are sanitizing services offered by commercial cleaning companies where they regularly clean and disinfect commercial spaces like offices, hotels, schools, and hospitals. Professional cleaners adhere to the guidelines provided by the CDC and ensure proper in-depth sanitization and cleanliness of these areas. Entrusting your office space to these companies is an excellent option because they’re experienced and use the best equipment for each specific task.
When to Clean and When to Disinfect?
Cleaning daily can get quite difficult. Hiring commercial cleaners to clean your office space frequently is a good idea to tackle this. Ideally, disinfection is the safest way to ensure maximum hygiene. If someone is suspected or confirmed of viruses like COVID-19, then you must disinfect your office. It is also best to disinfect regularly if the space is poorly ventilated and crowded with many people.
Why Use Disinfection Services?
  1. Reduce the Hassle
    If you haven’t hired commercial cleaners till now, then you must know how difficult it is to take time off from work, gather your staff, and clean your office. Commercial disinfection services work around your business hours as you carry on with your work, without interrupting your business.
  2. Proper Equipment
    Commercial cleaners and disinfection services are fully trained and equipped with professional equipment. They use full-body protective suits– including gloves, face masks, safety goggles, and shoe covers. This ensures your safety as well as their protection. Added to this, they have access to hospital-grade disinfectants like Vital Oxides, Iodine-based antiseptics, and Bacoban disinfectants, which require expertise for careful use.
  3. They Know When and Where to Disinfect
    Amateurs might be able to clean the visible surfaces in their office. However, in order to ensure a holistic sanitization of any commercial space, it is necessary to have experts look into it.
    Professional cleaning companies, as mentioned, come with years of experience. Due to this, they know exactly where to clean and sanitize so as to avoid pest infestations and viral outbreaks. Disinfection services will thus ensure that every corner and crevice and high touchpoint of your office is properly disinfected, and take special care to avoid cockroach and termite infestations.

Professional disinfection services customize their methodologies according to the space to clean and your schedule. Hence, our services are tailor-made for your office. Maidattendants will also ensure that your office is regularly sanitized and cleaned so that you don’t have to bother about it at all.

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