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March 15, 2022

Moving to a New Home: What to Clean Before You Move

A new house or apartment presents so many possibilities—a fresh start with a clean slate. Before you get started on the fun parts of moving to a new place, you have to take care of the basics. Namely, the new home is deep clean. You want to review all the possibilities and come up with a plan that suits your needs.

Moving to a New Home: What to Clean Before You Move

1 – Start from the top and work your way down

If you are moving into an apartment or condo, when you first arrive, you will have to do a quick walk-through before you can do anything else. As you walk around the house, take time to look at the ceiling and light fixtures. Spotting any issues that you need to address can save you the hassle later on.

After you have the run-through, you can begin tackling the cleaning of the new place—clean from the top down, starting with the ceiling and working your way down. Anytime you have a flat surface, clean it.

2 – Prioritize the fridge

If you want to put off cleaning the new place as long as you can, you can make the refrigerator a priority. Cleaning the refrigerator as you go through the walk-through can save you the hassle of doing it later.

As you are cleaning the fridge, make sure that you save time for the freezer. Often, the freezer is an afterthought which means that it is often overlooked. When properly cleaned, the freezer will help keep the food fresher longer.

3 – Deep clean the kitchen

All the kitchen appliances need to be cleaned before you unpack them. If you have a toaster, microwave, or coffee pot, you need to clean these items before you can use them.

There is no time like the present. With the kitchen being your most important room in the home, you want to be as thorough as possible.

4 – Tackle the bathroom

The bathroom may be the best place to tackle after you have unpacked the big items first. The bathroom is a smaller space, so small that you can use a mop and bucket to get into all the nooks and crannies of the room.

5 – Give the floors a once over

You should have already cleaned the floors before you moved in, but that does not mean that you cannot do it again. If you are moving into a new place, you want to make sure that you have cleaned every inch of the floors.

A good way to do this is to have a clean rag with you. As you unpack the items, you need to give the floors a good scrubbing until you can walk barefoot on them.


The most difficult part of moving into a new place is the actual move. Once you get the large items into the new home and settled, you can tackle the small things. If you want to make sure that you get it done right the first time, you can always hire a professional cleaning service to help ensure that the cleaning is done thoroughly before you move in.

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