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March 22, 2022

Moving Out Checklist: 5 Things to Accomplish Before Leaving

Moving out is a painful yet fulfilling experience. However, it isn’t as simple as finding a new place to move into. Instead, it requires a moving-out checklist to follow, ensuring that there will be no crumbs left in your old home before transferring into the new one. But what tasks should be in your moving-out checklist? Here are some ideas.

1. Clean Cabinet Insides

While cleaning the inside of your cabinets could be deferred until the last minute, it’s something that you need to do before moving out. You don’t want to leave behind any remnants of your old life, even if they’re just small objects.

The cleaning procedure includes taking everything out and cleaning it. You should also clean the bottoms of the cabinets and the backs and sides. If you have ever owned a house before, you’re probably familiar with all the dust and grime from the tops of the cabinets. It all eventually ends up on the bottom.

2. Scrub the Bathroom

Many renters never correctly clean the bathroom. There are many reasons for this, like lack of motivation and exhaustion. But as soon as you’re moving out, you need to scrub the bathroom.

The cleaning procedure starts with the shower, which can accumulate mold and mildew. You should also wash off the bathtub, as it can also collect grime. Then, there’s the toilet, which needs a thorough cleaning for good measure.

3. Fill Holes and Repair Minor Damage

Minor damage and holes may not seem that significant when you’re moving into a new place. However, essential issues can develop in the future if you don’t repair damage and add insulation to the cavities. For example, if there’s a hole in the walls, it can create a perfect place for rodents and other pests to enter your apartment. Therefore, you should fix it before moving out.

4. Clean the Windows

If you’re leaving the windows in your place dirty, then your landlord will have to clean them. It’s up to you to remove the grime and dirt before you move out. The first step is to wipe off all the surface grime on the window with a rag and some soap and water. After that, you can use some vinegar to clean the window surfaces and corners.

5. Wipe the Oven and Stove Top

When you’re moving out, you should wipe off your oven and stovetop. It is one of the most straightforward cleaning tasks you can complete. Only soap and water are needed.

First, wipe down the surfaces of the oven and stovetop with soap and water. Then, you can use a rag to clean the oven and stove top sides. Afterward, you can wipe the inside of the stovetop using the same soap and water solution.

Benefits of Having a Moving-Out Checklist

Having a moving-out checklist is helpful for both renters and landlords. For example, it ensures that nothing gets left behind when you move out for the former. Additionally, it prevents unwanted problems from occurring when you move into your new place.

The latter ensures that the apartment has been adequately cleaned before you move in. Managing a rental property can be difficult. But if you have a moving-out checklist, you can immediately complete the tasks on your list.


While it’s true that moving out can be a painful process, doing a moving-out checklist beforehand can ensure that you won’t have to deal with significant issues in the future. You’ll have the peace of mind to know that everything is cleaned and fixed before moving out. No one wants to leave their apartment dirty and damaged for the next tenants. So make sure that you are as thorough as possible when doing your moving-out checklist.

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