March 29, 2022

Cleaning 101: What to Keep in Mind Before Moving In

Even if your new home appears to be clean, there may be hidden dirt, grime, and germs. It’s important to inspect every nook and cranny when cleaning a house before moving in. There are always a few extra jobs, no matter how clean the place is. You only need to know where to look! 

Wipe Down Lamps and Fans 

Ceiling fans and light fixtures are frequently overlooked when cleaning on a daily basis, so start there. Ceiling fan blades are notorious for accumulating residue on their tops, which can make cleaning difficult if not done on a regular basis. Vacuum the openings around the ceiling fan housing and adjust the fan to the season.

Light fixtures can have a similar construction that is difficult to notice until you get up close and personal with them. The majority of light fixtures have removable parts that can be cleaned. Glass domes, covers, and globes attract everything from dust to cigarette tar. Take them out and clean them in the sink. Dry them off, reinstall them, and leave the light on while you finish your move. 

Disinfect Light Switches 

Lampshades and other frequently touched fixtures may be overlooked in terms of regular cleaning. What you cannot see, on the other hand, should cause you concern. Germs collect and spread from hand to hand on these surfaces. Disinfecting switch plates and switches are recommended. Continue cleaning after you move in to prevent germs from spreading. 

Disinfect Cabinet Pulls and Handles 

Because they are high-contact areas in your home, consider how many times a day someone opens a door or a cabinet. That’s a lot of dirt and germs spreading throughout the house and onto your hands! Thus, they should all be cleaned and disinfected. Tighten any loose knobs or handles at this time as well. 

Sweep the Floors 

Using a vacuum attachment, clean the corners and edges before sweeping up any remaining debris. Clean the baseboards and mop the floor with a product that is safe for the surface. Vacuuming can help remove allergens and improve air quality, but a steam cleaner is the only device that can clean those carpets thoroughly. 

Sanitize the Kitchen 

While your new kitchen may be spotless, take precautions and sanitize it because it will be used to store food and cook in. As a sanitizer, a solution of water and white vinegar works well. After removing the shelves and drawers, spray the interior of the refrigerator. Clean the drawers and shelves in the sink, then refrigerate. Then there’s the refrigerator. 

Then, move on to clean the tops of the cabinets first, then the bottoms. Cleaning the inside and outside of cabinets, as well as the cabinet pulls, is essential. To finish, sanitize the counters and sweep and mop the floor. While you’re at it, clean the baseboards. 

Disinfect and Polish the Bathrooms 

According to maid service professionals, bathroom cleaning entails disinfecting as well as polishing surfaces. After cleaning the tub and shower with dish soap and a sponge, use an antibacterial spray to kill any remaining germs. Rather than cleaning the toilet seats, replace them. You’ll have cleaner toilets and won’t have to worry about germs. Sanitize and clean the toilet paper holder, faucets, door handles, and, last but not least, the floor. 


A new home should be warm, welcoming, and safe. This means you need to move into a clean home to start your new life! Simply follow these move-in house cleaning suggestions to ensure that your space is clean, fresh, and free of germs. You can also use this guide and include it in your cleaning routine!

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