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April 19, 2022

9 Crucial Areas To Monitor During Move Out Cleaning

People typically move to another city or suburb for better jobs or business opportunities. Regardless of their reasons, they need to make sure they perform move-out cleaning on the property when they vacate a house, apartment, or condo. After all, going through the cleaning ensures a more efficient safety deposit return.

Here are nine crucial areas to monitor during move out cleaning of your house, apartment, or condo:

1. The Kitchen

Kitchens are a complex and challenging area to clean as they are packed with surfaces like floors, countertops, and walls. A move-out cleaning service will wash these surfaces, sanitize them, and give them a touch-up cleaning.

The oven is typically cleaned during move-in, but it is important to do another thorough cleaning when moving out as well to eliminate all bacteria, germs, and odors.

2. The Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the most critical area when it comes to cleanliness. Besides being used by family members, they’re also open to guests and other visitors.

Homeowners, generally dread bathroom cleaning since it’s typically the hardest palce to clean. Thankfully, a move-out cleaning service will clean the walls, floor, mirrors, basins, and showers and sanitize them.

3. The Ceilings, Light Fixtures, Smoke Detectors

Washing ceilings should not be neglected in the move-out cleaning process, as well as the checking of all light fixtures in every room of the house. 

Lighting fixtures and smoke detectors are often forgotten by cleaning services; this is why homeowners and renters should check that they are cleaned, especially since landlords typically inspect them for your safety deposit withdrawal.

4. The Drapes, Curtains, and Blinds

Blinds, drapes, and curtains need to be washed, steamed (for curtains and drapes), and put back in place before moving out. A professional cleaning service can best do this task, so the homeowner does not have to worry about this time-consuming yet essential requirement before turning the house back to the landlord or to the new homeowners.

5. The Chairs, Sofas, and Couches

Chairs, sofas, and couches are also essential items to be deep-cleaned and sanitized. There are special cleaning materials fit for this task, so it is beneficial to get move-out cleaning professionals to handle the nitty-gritty work of getting them ready for your turnover. 

6. The Carpets, Floors, and Baseboards

Carpets are a constant source of dust and debris, and they should be cleaned. Professional carpet cleaners will make sure they are clean and sanitized and that the floors are also cleaned, waxed, buffed, and more.

In addition, baseboards should also be cleaned, especially if you have little children or pets in the home. 

7. The HVAC, Air Vents, and Fireplace

HVAC cleaning are typically included in every move-out or move-in cleaning. It helps to remove allergens, germs, and bacteria before the new renters move in. An HVAC cleaning will also help to boost the efficiency of the system, saving on utility bills and repair costs.

In addition, the fireplace should be cleaned and sanitized to improve its look and ensure the safety of the next tenants or homeowners.

8. The Cabinets, Walls, and Electrical Outlets

Cabinets are often the breeding ground for bacteria, so you must hire a professional cleaning service to ensure that the cabinets are cleaned before moving out. The walls also need to be cleaned and sanitized to remove bacteria and germs.

Furthermore, all electrical outlets need to be cleaned. The cleaning service can use an electrical outlet cleaning tool to clean all outlets efficiently.

9. The Basement or Attic

The basement is often forgotten about when cleaning. It is best to clean it when moving in or out because it can be a source of moisture and mold.

Additionally, the attic should also be cleaned to remove allergens and other particles, or worse, pest infestations that may have gone unnoticed during your stay.


Move-out cleaning is necessary to ensure your safety deposit is returned. In addition, it is common courtesy to leave the house in its original move-in state, or even better. Everybody deserves a clean and healthy home.

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