June 13, 2022

6 Motivation Tips To Start Cleaning A Messy Home

When living in a fast-paced city like Nashville or any other, keeping up with the cleaning chores can be challenging. 

Sometimes the house is too messy, with unwashed dishes and dust everywhere, so cleaning it will take too much time and effort. Besides, when cleaning your home becomes a tall order, you may face an overwhelming feeling even before attempting to clean. 

However, you can overcome the hurdle. Check these six motivation tips to help you start and power through your home cleaning.

Tip #1: Plan an event in your house

This trick may seem weird, but it makes sense. People get used to the mess, so why not clean for someone else? A dinner, party, or a reunion to hang out are great incentives to plan and set a deadline for a sparkling clean home. It’s always nice to get compliments for a tidy space!

Tip #2: Keep all your cleaning supplies close

Have you ever given up on cleaning because the broom wasn’t nearby? Even more, it’s tempting to leave the cleaning for later when finding out you need to make a long trip to the store first. 

Before it’s time to clean, prepare all the cleaning supplies you’ll need and place them in a spot you can reach within seconds. Saving time will also ensure you’ll start motivated!

Tip #3: Start doing small chores

Having expectations is a double-edged sword—they can be what keeps the engine running for your chores, or they can bring the whole operation down. 

The biggest mistake some homeowners make is thinking everything has to be clean in no time. Avoid this by keeping your expectations in check and approaching your chores in small areas instead of full rooms. 

One big incomplete chore is worse than fulfilling nine out of ten small tasks!

Tip #4: Clean in 10-minute bursts

If you don’t know how to measure your progress, you can check how much you can achieve during a quick cleaning session. Set a timer and clean in 10-minute bursts to see how much you can cover. This challenge makes it easier to check how closer you are to your goal. 

Also, you’ll be very likely to keep going.

Tip #5: Put on some tunes!

Cleaning after a while can become a slog, no matter how efficient you’re at it. Spice it up! Arrange a playlist with upbeat music and your favorite songs for karaoke. If music isn’t your cup of tea, you can always listen to a podcast or audiobook you have pending. 

Tip #6: Take a break and treat yourself

Do you have a favorite snack? Take time off to rest after a successful task! Pat yourself on the back in the form of a sandwich, cookie, or a nice glass of lemonade. Once you feel recharged, get back to cleaning.

Extra Tip: Hire a cleaning company

Sometimes your best choice is to start your cleaning journey with a blank slate. If you hire professional cleaners to take over the chores, they’ll help you get on track. Now you can mark your path without being overwhelmed by a messy home.

If you need professional home cleaners to help clear the way, Maidattendants can lend you a hand! We are committed to delivering top-quality cleaning services in Nashville; you can trust your home is in good hands. Click here for our services.