move-in cleaning tasks

March 9, 2022

Reasons Not to Forget Your Move-in and Move-Out Cleaning

Most people prefer to do their move-in cleaning before settling in their new home, while some prefer to do their move-out cleaning before moving out of their old house. The thing is, you can actually do both, given that you were able to finish the other important tasks involved in your move.

That said, there are actually good reasons for you not to forget your move-in and move-out cleaning tasks. Below are just a few examples.

1. You Want to Save Time and Money

Doing your move-in and move-out cleaning in a single day can save you precious time and money. In the first place, you don’t want to live in a messy house during your first few days in your new home or your old house right before moving. Second, if you want to save on cleaning services, you can do your move-in and move-out cleaning yourself, as some cleaners for hire are a bit costly.

2. You Want to Make a Good Impression

Your move-in and move-out cleaning is also something that can make a good impression on people you are meeting for the first time after you have moved in. For instance, your parents will be happy to find a clean new home for you, and your neighbors and colleagues will be impressed with your move-in and move-out cleaning.

3. You Want to Be Caring Towards Your New Home or Your Old House

Like it or not, you will be spending a big chunk of your life at your new home or in your old house. In fact, this is where your kids will grow up. You will want them to be happy during their childhood years. You will want the new home or your old house to be clean and sanitary so that everyone involved may live a comfortable life.

4. You Want to Express Your Gratitude

Cleaning your new or old home can also be a way for you to thank others for helping you out: your old homeowner for letting you stay for a certain period of time and your new homeowner for allowing you to move in without much hassle. Cleaning your new home or your old house can also express your gratitude towards your family, friends, and neighbors who have helped you with your occupancy throughout the years.

5. You Want to Avoid any Kind of Lawsuits

There is also a possibility that your old homeowner would sue you for not cleaning your old home before moving out. This is why you need to do your move-in and move-out cleaning on time. If you don’t do your move-in and move-out cleaning, you may have to pay your old homeowner a significant amount of your hard-earned money to clean the house before you can move out.

6. You Don’t Want to Pay Double for Your Move-in and Move-out Cleaning

Some homeowners, fortunately or unfortunately, do not want to do the move-in and move-out cleaning themselves. They will decide to move into the new home or the old home, only to move out immediately without cleaning the house at all. This is why they will have to hire a cleaning company to do it all. This can be pretty costly, especially if you are dealing with a big house.


The bottom line is that, in order to make your move seamless and successful, you need to be proactive and responsible. Do your move-in and move-out cleaning to avoid any potential problems down the road. Otherwise, you will have to pay your old homeowner and your new homeowner, which can be quite a lot, to clean their properties.

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